About us

The innovative format of the online platform is the same as that of a quality-like hub, it includes various materials for interactive teaching, reading, research, discussion, development, in particular, educational tools, articles, presentations, lectures, speeches, tutorials, e-courses, educational, video / audio materials, blogs, links, forums, labs and creative work, etc.

The online platform for intercultural dialogue is a pilot project in the digital space (regional and global), the first generalizing experience covering various aspects of the dialogue. Both the content and the mechanisms of implementation are directed at transforming the platform into a special area of ​​the dialogue, aimed at inclusiveness and sustainable development, confronting the modern challenges of narrow thinking, exclusivity and radicalism.

Creation and development of digital content through intercultural dialogue, especially in the cultural, educational, research and information spheres, now acquires a special dimension and is a development priority in many countries of the world.

The project will make a significant contribution to the implementation of UNESCO's programs, such as the Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity (2001), the UNESCO International Decade for the Rapprochement of Cultures (2013-2022), etc., in particular through the development of digital infrastructure, education, research, capacity building. In addition, its significance is also in the promotion of cooperation and dialogue, which are universal, universal and timeless.