About us

The online platform is focused on the development of the educational, research, cultural, educational, creative potential of its participants. In general, it covers a wide range of users. The platform, oriented mainly (but not only) to the Central Asian region, is of great importance both for those who live in and outside the region.

The following main target groups of the project can be identified:

  • Schoolchildren, students and youth
  • Methodical bureaus of Departments, Education Departments of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Central Asia, Eurasia
  • Teachers, specialists, administrators in the field of education
  • Scientists, researchers, professionals
  • People who work in the field of culture and the creative sphere in general

Partnerships and the networking include: Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Associated Schools of UNESCO and other interested stakeholders.

  • Associated schools of UNESCO and schools of Kazakhstan, Central Asia, Eurasia;
  • Education Departments of the RK, Central Asia, Eurasia;
  • UNESCO Chairs of the RK, Central Asia, Eurasia, as well as members of the international network of UNESCO / UNITWIN Chairs; Federation of UNESCO Clubs;
  • Research institutes, universities, and others.