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About us

The online platform for the intercultural dialogue "Intercultural Dialogue" is an innovative project implemented for the first time in the world, which aims to create an online space that includes a lot of composite information-publications, textual, visual, audio, graphic and interactive materials, links related to intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding, in particular with a focus on the Central Asian region and Eurasia.

Creation of content is an important part of the project, which implies cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary participation of researchers, teachers, methodologists, youth, students, schoolchildren, and other users.

Since the main areas, including UNESCO's main priorities, are related to culture, education, research, information / communications, they are also reflected on the platform. Each of them presents its own mechanisms, through which the basic concepts of intercultural dialogue are revealed. For example, projects and initiatives reflecting creativity, culture of debate, familiarity with other cultures; competition of ideas; the formation of resource databases for future research to help students and teachers, etc.